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We rely exclusively on up-to-date, leading technologies that enable the development of platform-independent systems. Our technical know-how is independent from industry sectors or vendors and enables us to meet the needs of our customers and to develop applications for heterogeneous environments.


Java is currently the most widely used pro­gram­ming language and thus a secure base for your soft­ware - also thanks to our almost 20 years of expe­rience with Java.


With the help of the Java Enter­prise Edi­tion, we are also able to deal with complex challen­ges in the area of HR business software.


We decided to use the popular Spring frame­work to build our soft­ware modularly, to ensure maximum secu­rity and to offer micro-services.

User Interface

To interact with a user inter­face, we use the leading tech­nolo­gies AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JQuery, Apache Wicket, and more.


Secure software requires a secure opera­ting system: Ubuntu Linux (LTS) is always the first choice for our server equip­ment.

Application Server

For our pro­jects, accor­ding to demand, we use Apache Tomcat, Jetty, ActiveMQ, JBoss and Wildfly Applica­tion Server.


We speak all common data­base dia­lects, e.g. PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL, DB2, MariaDB, MySQL, Neo4j, MonogDB, and more.


Agile develop­ment belongs to our standard reper­toire. In our SCRUM develop­ment process, the cus­tomer receives regular feed­back, has always an up-to-date over­view and, if nece­ssary, can inter­vene in every stage of the develop­ment.